RANDOMS: 1132022 – Things that shouldn’t be but are.

We need more advertising

Things that shouldn’t be legal probably and probably isn’t, but who gives a fuck anyway:

Massive Candy Crush Ad to be flashed over NYC via drones today.

Okay, well not really but the target IS NYC.

Considering Candy Crush is an Activision/Blizzard property, is anyone actually surprised by the things they do anymore? Bad PR is still PR, which I think is just the name of the game of the world these days. As you’ve heard me mention, the fastest way to get ahead these days is to be the biggest asshole that you can be.

I mean this is exactly what I think everyone wanted when they woke up this morning “Gee, how can the advertising be more intrusive into my life?” And the powers that be decided “I KNOW!! LET’S MAKE A NIGHTTIME DRONE SHOW THAT YOU CAN’T AVOID SEEING IF YOU GO OUTSIDE TONIGHT.”

I mean, really people?

I really want to create a lobby or something that will actually do something about privacy and invasiveness but as we all know, corporations have their hands deep in the pockets of government. It all just seems so positively… depressing.

Speaking of assholes:

People seem to still notice when you aren’t one. In regards to my post yesterday, I had a conversation last night that finally made me feel good. I have someone trying to look out for me and is trying to play a long game to help me out. Honestly, if they accomplish it, I’ll be shocked, but more so, I really want to give them a hug for even giving a fuck enough and seeing how poorly I am being treated. In that vein, they let me in on something yesterday that finally made me feel a little bit better in general. They let some on their team know what was going on and why I seemed to have “disappeared”. The most vocal on their team apparently said “Why would they take away the one person who cares about our team and tried to help us?” Apparently there was some agreement with that in the conversation from other members. Let me tell you something:

When I heard this, I sat silently on my couch for a moment, and I shed a tear (not that is a big deal, I shed a lot of them these days). My co-worker then asked me if I was okay since I was silent and I just said “That’s the nicest thing I have heard in a very long time. The fact that some people see what is going on and the fact that they know I cared and I tried to help them. The fact I was actually seen.

He told him “Thank you for telling me. I needed to hear that right about now.”

There are still some good people around but they are so far and few between.

More on assholes:

Crash and Burn, baby.

Meanwhile, not gonna lie… I’m enjoying the things that certain people are doing to make Twitter crash and burn. I mostly see all the wrong moves being made. Threats of firing, return to office, monetizing shit for the wrong reasons. Killing off the thing very things that made Twitter special to begin with… not that it was in a good place anyway. It’s always been hard to monetize Twitter… but not really. The things to do it were always there but for some reason, they didn’t want to implement it (subscription to be able to edit, auto-delete, create special tweet groups, etc… I could come up with a bunch and so could you and so have others but for some reason, these things were never implemented.) Maybe I should see if there is a source for me to see how fast people are leaving the platform… I mean I am sure there is a source but make time in my day to find it? LOL (probably not, I have enough to do)

And now finally:

Nobody reads this or follows me anymore and that probably a good thing. Maybe it gives me more freedom or maybe as I alluded to before, I really don’t give a shit anymore. Thinking about starting the Podcast back up. I know at one time, someone wanted to hear more personal stuff from me (you nosy bastard!) and maybe that’s a good place for me to start talking about how my mother died. Things haven’t been easy since she died but whereas I didn’t think any more drama could be introduced into my life, it was. I mean we’re talking about hidden half-siblings, Chicago in the 60’s/70’s and *gasp*:

Am I really a bastard?

Ah yes… I’m having a great time these days. I couldn’t make up my life if I tried, I really couldn’t.

In addition, debating on doing a newsletter about my travels or something. I think I have the internet on the ship if I pay for- very expensive. I think I might be able to type out a newsletter but any video or photos aren’t going to happen. I’ll have to find out. Even though nobody read this, I may do it anyway so when I am dead… people still won’t read it or care.

Well, look at that… I’ve posted what? Two, or three times this week already? Maybe I’m starting to come out of my… whatever. More on my headspace soon. Probably the next post.

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  1. Glad to see you are hanging in there. I have experience with the secret sibling thing if you need someone to bounce things off of. Best wishes Tek

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