I think here is where “Tek” finally died.

I don’t feel like “Tek”, “MsTek”, or “Tekwh0re” anymore.

I feel like “The Empress of Ashes” really fits me now. I swear I am not trying to be all emo or goth.

But I do feel that now I rule over ashes, ashes, ashes… ashes of my dreams, ashes of what could of have been and ashes of what was.

Ashes… Just ashes is all I see and all I stand upon.

A ruler over everything that was burned to do the ground be it by my hand or others.


I think here is where I finally died.

2 thoughts on “I think here is where “Tek” finally died.”

    1. I wish I had seen this long ago. You are no longer with us and that makes me very sad. You ARE a very special person and I hope wherever your soul has gone, you are happy and well.


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