If this isn’t cruel and racist hate, I don’t know what is.

Migrants dropped near Kamala Harris’ home amid record-setting cold

The places in hell for these Christians will be of a special sort, I can tell you. The cruelty of “our fellow Americans” is absolutely still shocking to me.

I, for one, am totally for Civil War. Always have been. It’s the only way to reduce the population of rats that have infected America. There will be casualties on both sides (mostly the liberals because they’re too invested in their anti-gun doctrine as well to see the forest through the trees, just like the conservatives… both sides are too drunk on their own KoolAid).

Make no mistake, I still consider myself a centrist, but it literally has become everyone else vs. the fascists in America. But the problem is that nobody is willing to say what needs to be said out loud for fear of being canceled or having the shouty internet brigade of Identity Politics basically derail what is really important as usual with their “WHAT ABOUT ME. WHAT ABOUT MY FEELINGS.” at a time when everyone is suffering. Shut the fuck up and sit down, Frances, the adults need to figure this out.

Yes, I said it. It’s the truth. There are bigger issues right now which affect you. Everything isn’t about you, but some things will affect you. Too bad people have forgotten how to get in line for the greater good.

Everything is completely broken and when a pandemic cannot reset everything (which I believe was a warning to us all), then the next step is a war. The great reset isn’t just everyone quitting and switching jobs, the great reset needs to be getting everyone to recognize the humanity in others again. Seems the only time we get reminded of that is in horrible, mass-publicized genocide or war with a bunch of photos of children fucked up. Then it becomes “oh gee willikers, this is awful, this terrible, maybe we should make a UN and maybe we should do some trials and maybe we all should try to be nice to each other for about 80 years then we can do it all over again!”

I’m right… in everything I said above. I’m saying this shit out loud again. Come at me… I want better for all of us, but I also know that sometimes better involves “punching nazis and fucking shit up”.

Maybe not the end of the year, maybe the end of the year, who can tell? This title is long. Suck my whatever.

Hello my dears… and if I don’t post again before Christmas or New Year or you’re something other than Christian or whatever the fuck is going on with you, I say, I say, anyway:

I have no idea what he is throwing up but it’s not the horns…


Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk.

I’m back from my “super secret trip.” That trip was actually to Ecuador, to the Galapagos, to see some big ass tortoises and black death metal lizards that go diving! I am slowly starting to work on a video about my trip which will be on Youtube. I think part of it will be on “Might Be Tasty” and some of it on “Tek Dives”. I am still compartmentalizing my life because I am not sure people are really interested in my scuba diving- I know many are interested in my travels but my travel is changing as I start to get old and prepare to die and rot. I am not traveling to go to BJJ tournaments or learn Muay Thai- I am more focused on diving now and my bucket list before my body completely fails me so I know that to the two people still reading, what I do is very niche. But I also really don’t give a damn… if you don’t want to read it/watch it, truly you are missing out on some knowledge and experiences of the world and this is why you don’t have nice things. ;).

Back to that trip- it was financially stupid since I am not working but I NEEDED to do that. Mind you, it wasn’t as good as it could have been because duh, my head space isn’t there yet- I’ve been through a fuck ton of trauma this past year. But it was good because I made a new friend!! And I know that doesn’t sound very interesting but at my age, its hard to make friends, much less friends you can tell are going to be REAL FRIENDS. She’s from Spain, and she is hot as fuck (the men on the boat were being ridiculous) but she’s a good foil to me as she is light and sunshine to my darkness and moonlight. She’s a lot of fun and good people and I’m just happy I met her (though the English she is learning from me will qualify her as a sailor in no time. Though I did not teach her to say “Shut your fucking mouth” which she decided to announce at dinner one night. LOL. I had to say “I didn’t teach her that… not sure where this is coming from”. But she’s great and a decent diver- i.e. I wouldn’t mind diving with her. We’re already trying to figure out how to do another dive trip together next year. But she’s a nurse and I’m a miscreant or what I like to say “not unemployed, living a life leisure at the moment”. (My ass is broke, and I’m in big trouble but for once in my life, I need to put my mental health first so “C’EST LA VIE, LIVING LA VIDA LOCA, BLAH BLAH BLAH… shut my fucking mouth.)

In other news, I started back to BJJ though I am not rolling yet. Just trying to build the habit back of going. I WAS going to start back to the gym this week as well but I came back from Ecuador with an infection and severe vertigo so hitting the pool and weights this week I deemed not a wise idea. Saturday. I will go on Saturday as I am starting to feel better and my ear is finally clearing and I am less dizzy.

In other, other news… (drumroll please), I HIRED MY FIRST 1099 EVEN THOUGH I HAVE NO WORK FOR HIM TO DO YET. (See above, living la vida local and I’m a dumbass). I hired him to backfill me when I am in Antarctica in Feb for any break/fix from my two clients, but I am also trying to throw something out into the world.. that I am SERIOUS (for real for reals) about getting my IT consulting business actually on its feet in 2023. Now I have someone who can do tech support when I am not available and I can try to focus on getting more business which is so fucking, hard, you have no idea. Mostly because I am horrible with networking because you know me- dry humor, blunt, sardonic, all the things you love doesn’t go very well for cold contacts, ya know? Still I am excited that I officially hired a contractor and that kinda drives me to look for more work so I can feel all special and say “yeah, I have people… ” God(dess) help me on this.

In other, other, other news… this summer I will also be working part-time as a divemaster on select weekends in the great lakes. I’m doing it to get boat crew hours so that eventually I can get my maritime captain rating because: why the fuck not?

Finally (I swear, this is finally today), I am trying to figure out how I can get my Scuba Instructor rating AND make a trip to go cave diving in France this summer… mostly because I want to see caves somewhere else since I have the training and also because it is a good excuse to make a stop in Barcelona to visit my new friend for a day or two on the way back. As usual, the problem is money.

I have got to hustle and figure this out because the way things have been going hasn’t been working for me. I gotta bring the bills in on my terms in 2023. From my fingers to God(dess)’s RSS feed. Please. I need this.

Okay, I’m done. I need to work on the Ecuador stuff and do some final shit for Antarctica planning. As down on myself as I get, c’mon… I still do some cool ass shit. I mean, I get out there and I “do the things”. I do what most people don’t/won’t. Need to plan some more of that. That’s what heals my heart.

Another sign of Global Climate Change

Storms are nothing new; however, the severity of storms is increasing, which is directly correlated to Global Climate change. What people fail to realize is that this also affects air travel. More instances of severe turbulence have hit passenger aircraft over the past few years. This is just the beginning of it:

I believe the day after, this happened on a flight from Brazil to Dallas.

I travel A LOT. I think about this. No planes have been lost due to server turbulence yet… but we haven’t had the types of turbulence we seem to be getting lately.

RANDOMS: 12042022

Starting tomorrow, 3 months:

-Get my health back

-Get unfinished business completed.

I am trying to pack up for a trip that I wanted to be packed up for completely tonight with the apartment totally clean but Rackspace decided to throw up which threw me off since I had to help the few customers I have migrated so I am behind on stuff I needed to do by two days. I hate this because I said I was going to stop packing at the last moment- I always mean to not do it, then something ALWAYS gets in the way that I must address. Oh well.

At least tonight, the gi will be packed and ready for when I return. Hoping to be able to start out with lifting/swimming 3x a week and then doing BJJ 2x a week until I see if I can handle any of this again.

I have 3 months (really 3.5 but whatever) to figure everything out and try to get back to MY base.

Wish me luck.

I need:

-Customers (more than anything I need these).

-Freedom to live by my rules.

-Breathing room.

For the next two weeks, I am on a detox from everything, when I return, then, the work starts in earnest.