Just what the South Side of Chicago needs: Luxury Office Spaces

Via Blockclub:

Historic Washington Park National Bank Building Gets Approval To Build Luxury Offices

There are so many things that the south and west side of Chicago need but this really isn’t it. This isn’t it anywhere in the country or the world right now. The old way is gone yet people are insisting on clinging to it. Correction, people who got to where they are now by “the old way” don’t want to lose the trappings of that power so want to hold on to it in every way they can. Being in the office is a power trip. If people want to be in the office, cool, if they don’t , that’s cool too. Younger people in the office, I sort of agree with that, but mid to senior level people don’t need to be where you can see them to be productive. But hey, let’s build luxury office spaces to prove something that in today’s current environment, really doesn’t mean anything, does it?

I still like to think that I am a capitalist however, I realize now that even if you are a good person and believe in responsible capitalism, the bad people, the manuplators, the con-men and the vultures are the ones who will make out in the end. The economy for the everyday person right now is SHIT, okay, it’s SHIT. Groceries and gas are out of this world, there are layoffs still happing with no replacement jobs, and if there are, those jobs are paying 30% less than pre-pandemic rates. THRITY PERCENT LESS THAN PRE-PANDEMIC WAGES. Inflation isn’t going down- at least not if you live in a major city, and we’re paying attention to Hunter Biden’s ding dong in tight whities (seriously, I do not give a fuck.).

The South and West sides of Chicago need investment but those investments need to be infrastructure, groceries stores and jobs- not of the office variety quite yet because due to how things are down there, the education isn’t there- YET. Investment in the people first, then the rest will come.

I wish I had money. I wish my parents had been smarter so that I had been smarter. There is so much that I KNOW now that I could do something with but I have zero capital. Stupid position to be in. I could do something about all of this.

Doing my best

I had a screening interview on Friday for a job that I really wanted that didn’t go well. I doubt I will move to the next round. I’m bummed for so many reasons:

  • I really wanted the job
  • I am on food stamps now
  • I have ZERO income
  • I don’t know how I am going to pay rent or my car payment.

I want to get upset but maybe I’ve finally “crossed over”. My stress level is bad but I dunno, I don’t feel like hiding in my bed and going “Oh woe is me”. There are a few things I DO know, as I said, over the last year, I found out who my real friends are… I have more than I thought but some who I thought were my friends are not. I do think about this Mike Tyson quote from time to time which is interesting. I feel bad for liking him in his old age.

Anyway… It’s almost a year that my mom has been dead (Sept 16th- buried Sept 22nd). I’m much better than I was however I still get random moments where I just cry. This morning was one of them.

Because I am on food stamps, I really have to be careful what I spend it on. I do have food that I put away during the pandemic.. some of it past it’s ‘best by” date, but I don’t think it will kill me. I am trying my hand at making sandwich bread from scratch today as the breadmaker is good, but I still am not getting that texture that I want. I have time (duh) so I decided to take a stab at it today. As I said, I was really good about putting some food away during the pandemic/start of the Ukrane war because I knew food prices were going to go up. I stocked up flour. I was out of bread flour in my pantry but I knew I has some in my deep freezer. I go to get it and burst into tears. My mother when she was at my house when I was out of town had taken my bread flour and vacuum sealed it. I didn’t do that.. I have black bags for that and I never got around to do it. She had clear ones. I didn’t want to open up the bread flour but I needed it so I did and that just started the waterworks this morning. She loved me so much. So much. I took that for granted and I am so sorry for that.

I have drinks that she bought me that I didn’t want in my fridge still. I can’t bear to throw them out.


Addendum… I never posted this… The day I was going to do this, I found my father’s body and my world, which was already upside down was now inside out.

More later, I suppose… and I thought I was going to get the food stamps but now I’ve heard nothing about it.

RANDOMS 07132023

I REALLY want a sailboat.

I’ve thought about this for YEARS.

And usually when I think about something for years… it manifests.

Now, I want a boat that I can refurbish and make modern- replace all the lighting with LED, update the interiors, and make the boat “smart” because I’m really good at tech.

I’m also really handy- I enjoy making things.

Getting a boat really isn’t that hard- a lot of people give them away because they’re a pain in the ass. The problem comes with storing the boat and the fees to get the boat out of the water to work on the hull… That stuff I don’t know how to do… hull work. I can do interior wiring and if I have directions, I can do plumbing, etc… I have never been trained in carpentry but I know I could do it if you show me how to do something once (I dunno, I’m good at stuff like that).

I want to single-hand the boat- (because as you know, I am a loner with no friends or lovers) but I don’t want a tiny boat because just like in the apartments I live in (which if I don’t find a job soon, I’m gonna be literally homeless- one of the benefits of having zero family or relatives), I need a place to sleep but I need a place in the boat to set up as a workstation- I am talking about the big monitor and gaming PC, etc. Some people use the navigation table as a workstation but it’s not quite big enough for my needs. I could give up one side of the boat to set this up since I wouldn’t need berths on both sides- I wouldn’t take on crew as I don’t trust strangers at all. So the boat would probably have to be 34 but no bigger than 40 because 40 is pretty big to single hand- it can be done but that’s something to work up to.

I also want it just for a project to work on. I love designing things and making them modern and beautiful. I like the satisfaction of working with my hands and seeing the things I create.

It has occurred to me to start with something small as well. If we didn’t have to winter store boats in Chicago, I’d probably have looked into that years ago.

Which brings me to Chicago…

My father is dying. He probably will be gone in a month or so. We’ve never been close, he’s not been terribly nice to me. Loves me but doesn’t like who I am. Total Trumper… long story. Anyway, after my mother died, its understandable that he would kick it within the year. I have even less reason to stay in Chicago.. HOWEVER-

If I take a look at the bigger picture of what is going on in the US and I can’t make it work to move outside of the US, from a safety standpoint, both personal and environmental, Chicago is one of the safest places I can be in the US. It would be better for me to move somewhere along the oceanic coast due to my personal interests but 1. I can’t afford it, 2. Those states that I can afford are not safe for single, biracial women with the current way the USA is heading. Taking in factors of climate change, ease of personal movement, having a multicultural environment (Chicago is segregated but still, I don’t have to worry about a confederate flag or someone popping off racial shit in the middle of a Starbucks because some drag queen at the very least will pop them in the mouth as they deserve).

Chicago is boring for me because I don’t have kids or a family. NYC has a much more interesting vibe for someone my age who is single and not dying or “getting old” in spirit. Chicago just isn’t the place from that perspective for people like me. But I don’t have NYC money, and I am starting to see age discrimination when it comes to finding a job and I really don’t want to live in a roach and bedbug studio apartment.

I LOVE my apartment and location in Chicago. I am less than 35 mins from a major international airport. The neighborhood is quiet. My apartment is vintage and just the right size (though I would like an additional bedroom for a REAL office and turn my sunroom actually into a sunroom/reading area). I like some of my neighbors at the moment. The neighborhood sucks in that there aren’t a bunch of cute little restaurants or shops to walk to but it ticks all the right boxes in other ways. I just don’t want to move. Even if I moved out of the country, if I were to still keep a presence here in the US, I’d want to keep my apartment because I really like my apartment. I’ve been here for almost 20 years.

If I could have what I wanted though:

Vintage apartment/house/loft… it doesn’t matter, just so long as it isn’t a modern, boxy, boring space. Enclosed garage with room for car, motorcycle, and storage. Near water, I could actually go diving in and see stuff. Access to fast internet. Walking distance to good grocery stores with fresh food that isn’t full of chemicals like in the US. LESS THAN 45 MINS FROM A MAJOR AIRPORT. Nice neighbors that wouldn’t mind watching my cat/dog when I need to go on one of my adventures. The ability to work from home or have clients come to a home office. Also, privacy so as I get older and my tits hang lower to my ankles, I can still be naked in my backyard/courtyard, whatever, and tend to my tomato and hot pepper plants and flowers which I like to do…

I think I want a lot but I don’t really. I don’t want a fancy car or yacht. I don’t want a mansion. I don’t want expensive clothes or stuff like that. I just want quiet and peace. My “things” are diving, technology, travel, and fitness (no really- if my joints weren’t so bad, I’d be lifting every day and doing martial arts again.. I actually am going to try lifting a little bit again starting next week though my wrist sadly is acting up again.) I spend money on scuba, travel, and technology- that’s it. I cook a little bit but not to the point that I need fancy stuff… I have all the fancy stuff already that I would ever want in my kitchen.

In general, besides the fact that I want a boat, a rebreather (yes, I don’t care if you don’t approve- I want one), my motorcycle repaired from the accident (yeah, that’s still a thing.. the lawsuit was only NOW filed.. I doubt I’ll ever see a dime from that) and the technical (computing ) equipment upgrades that just come from wear and tear, I realized that I don’t “want” anything. I am really happy with the things I currently have… which is kind of interesting to me. The only things I want besides what I listed above is maybe a few good friends that I can trust, my health, and time… just more time. And I want to do work that is meaningful and appreciated… and I want to work for myself. I don’t mind corporate America so long as it’s on contract and I am not an _EMPLOYEE_ because that’s when you get caught in that nasty rat race that I never was good at and honestly, never should have been a part of. I’m good at the WORK but not at politics.

My biggest failings are that I never suffered fools, I never could be phony, and deep down, I have great compassion and empathy. I care. A lot. Too much. I love. A lot. Too much. I give. A lot. Too much. That’s hurt me more than I could ever express. If I don’t think you are nice to people, are a liar, are arrogant, or like to gaslight, diminish or be disrespectful to people, I absolutely cannot hide my opinion of you. I can’t pretend to like you. I will keep my mouth shut because I really want to put you in your place and I have a vicious mouth if I let fly, but _I_NEVER_LET_FLY because I know.. I know me.. so I just keep silent but you can read what I think on my face, in my eyes… I’ve never been able to hide it- which is also why I rarely lie because you can tell if I am lying.

I know this seems rambling but with my father dying, me worried about finding a job, and really reassessing what is important to me as my life starts to go on the downside of life, these things all are related, factor, and are important. The challenge is that unless you have connections (which I don’t), or money (which I don’t) it’s really hard to get where you want to be. Lord knows I have fought so hard all my life for my various businesses to take off, doing what I was supposed to do in corporate America, the advanced degrees (I have a Master’s degree in computer science… most people don’t know this). I put myself out there, I did the extra training, the extra classes… but you know what “Pulling yourself up by your bootstraps” doesn’t work for everyone and the truth is that it doesn’t even work for most people. So if you were able to do it, good for you! But that doesn’t mean that the person next to you who is struggling hasn’t tried to do what you have done, or is lazy or whatever. That’s a false narrative of America and honestly, even I didn’t figure that out until I was like 40!!! I used to believe that too.

Anyway, yeah… I want to go out and spend my last years on earth peacefully and with little stress. I watched how my mother died. I am seeing how my father is dying. I see how my life is and I don’t want to go out like that. I want to die in my own home, with no stress, not worried about being evicted or how I am going to eat or if I can go see a doctor. I want peace on my way out because honestly, all I’ve known my whole life is a moment here or there of bliss and joy, but mostly just struggling, struggling, struggling. Yeah, I travel and yeah, I have some nice things, but in the background, you don’t even know a quarter of what is going on orrrr what I did to make those things happen. If I didn’t do these things, I’d have jumped off a bridge by now… That’s no lie. It’s those moments that keep me from just saying “fuck it, I’m out., jump!”

Except I can swim. Really well.

“God” has fucked up sense of humor. Constantly throws shit at me to kill me, yet has made me in a way unkillable.

But what fun is being a wet rat all the time, ya know?

And this is just a pent-up vent.

Good day! 🙂