I guess you get a two for one today…

I think it’s for plublicity but still…

This is America. Have a security guard watch you while you wait for you Philly Cheesesteak. This actually makes me never want to go to Philly. People talk about Chicago but we don’t have people walking around with AR-15s… yet. I’m used to seeing this in Mexico… but here?

Also, DeSantis is laughing his ass off at Chicago right now. He bussed all those immigrants to here and New York City. They’re all over the streets here begging. It’s tragic but now we’re about to set up migrant camps in the city and the homeless that were already here still have limited resources. I don’t know what the answer is. I am not a Trumper or a Desantis or a whatever… but I will say that the migrants need to understand that the USA isn’t the land of opportunity that it may have once been (for white people… even they’re struggling now though). I do think this is being mishandled and is going to give the GOP more seats. I am not in completion with someone from Venezulea for most jobs, but letting everyone automatically be allowed to work here… I dunno… I dunno. Things are different now that “I” am in trouble. I still am far more fortunate than they are but then I think that if I am having a hard time, I know that people who don’t have the resources I do are having it even rougher trying to get on their feet and now there is more competition for limited resources. I do know that all I see on the street begging now are people holding up their children. It’s chilling… and I also know that since this is how it is now, this is how it always will be going forward, if not worse.

Basically? We’re fucked.

That cheesesteak looks good though.

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