Just what the South Side of Chicago needs: Luxury Office Spaces

Via Blockclub:

Historic Washington Park National Bank Building Gets Approval To Build Luxury Offices

There are so many things that the south and west side of Chicago need but this really isn’t it. This isn’t it anywhere in the country or the world right now. The old way is gone yet people are insisting on clinging to it. Correction, people who got to where they are now by “the old way” don’t want to lose the trappings of that power so want to hold on to it in every way they can. Being in the office is a power trip. If people want to be in the office, cool, if they don’t , that’s cool too. Younger people in the office, I sort of agree with that, but mid to senior level people don’t need to be where you can see them to be productive. But hey, let’s build luxury office spaces to prove something that in today’s current environment, really doesn’t mean anything, does it?

I still like to think that I am a capitalist however, I realize now that even if you are a good person and believe in responsible capitalism, the bad people, the manuplators, the con-men and the vultures are the ones who will make out in the end. The economy for the everyday person right now is SHIT, okay, it’s SHIT. Groceries and gas are out of this world, there are layoffs still happing with no replacement jobs, and if there are, those jobs are paying 30% less than pre-pandemic rates. THRITY PERCENT LESS THAN PRE-PANDEMIC WAGES. Inflation isn’t going down- at least not if you live in a major city, and we’re paying attention to Hunter Biden’s ding dong in tight whities (seriously, I do not give a fuck.).

The South and West sides of Chicago need investment but those investments need to be infrastructure, groceries stores and jobs- not of the office variety quite yet because due to how things are down there, the education isn’t there- YET. Investment in the people first, then the rest will come.

I wish I had money. I wish my parents had been smarter so that I had been smarter. There is so much that I KNOW now that I could do something with but I have zero capital. Stupid position to be in. I could do something about all of this.

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