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Starting tomorrow, 3 months:

-Get my health back

-Get unfinished business completed.

I am trying to pack up for a trip that I wanted to be packed up for completely tonight with the apartment totally clean but Rackspace decided to throw up which threw me off since I had to help the few customers I have migrated so I am behind on stuff I needed to do by two days. I hate this because I said I was going to stop packing at the last moment- I always mean to not do it, then something ALWAYS gets in the way that I must address. Oh well.

At least tonight, the gi will be packed and ready for when I return. Hoping to be able to start out with lifting/swimming 3x a week and then doing BJJ 2x a week until I see if I can handle any of this again.

I have 3 months (really 3.5 but whatever) to figure everything out and try to get back to MY base.

Wish me luck.

I need:

-Customers (more than anything I need these).

-Freedom to live by my rules.

-Breathing room.

For the next two weeks, I am on a detox from everything, when I return, then, the work starts in earnest.

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