Refocusing my passions… (this post isn’t about penis).

So I am getting a little excited about the thing that I am working on. Sometimes you have to take a step back to appreciate what you’ve done. Mind you, I’m sure someone could do way better than I could but for what I could do, it’s looking pretty slick. Not a new design or anything like that, but how I am going about this is pretty cool (I think). Once I unleash it, I will absolutely welcome constructive criticism. I think I will focus on this and get it mostly buttoned up then return to getting Might Be Tasty (Tekwh0re) fixed up a bit as it is a sister site. Then I will go back to Empire and Aces though my ideas there are a little dry at the moment. I know that Might Be Tasty and this other site MUST be done/updated before Jan 1st.

I think I will be out of my job by Jan 1st and have more time then but it’s a combo of Antarctica prep and then sort of putting feelers out for new projects/work at the same time. Right now I am also trying to sort out exactly how much communication I have on the boat. I have a Zoleo but I see now it’s not going to do what I want it to do. I really wanted to leave a breadcrumb every day on the website map so you could see where the boat is but it won’t do that except with friends and… family… both of which, sadly, I do not have. I can send basic messages from the expedition boat for a cost so in theory, I could post to my blogs while on the trip, but they would have zero pictures or videos while I am in the Southern Ocean/Antarctica. This is why I am debating on doing a newsletter while I am gone- I believe I can get that typed up and out (still without pictures) and sent out via the Sat link on the boat. By the end of this week, I will have that figured out this is my goal. Today, I am just organizing my notes in OneNote… though I am thinking also about moving to another organization app. I always bring a tablet in a rugged case when I go diving to transfer my dive logs too as well as to take and keep notes. It occurred to me this morning that I needed to really organize and document all this Antarctica shit because I absolutely will not have access to the cloud and will need this locally on my tablet and laptops so I am trying to set that up so that if I have a question about something, BOOM- there it is in OneNote in a local copy.

Next week is my birthday/Thanksgiving. Its going to be really sad. Thinking about it right now is making me cry, actually. I think I am going to make myself some birthday cupcakes and make Mongolian beef for my birthday/thanksgiving dinner. Also, work on new t-shirt designs and get my Patreon finalized for making active. Shit- just remembered that I am going diving at a pool on Black Friday… that will kill one day of work towards the websites and shit. Oh well.

I swear to you, that Might Be Taty will be active again… as I said, this blog is for more personal stuff… and political and more of controversial stuff. I am thinking that anything that is really spicy I’ll move to Patreon. I need the money, I need to worry about how to monetize, and talking about cock and using the word “fuck” randomly isn’t conducive to making money. I WILL get this all worked out by the end of the year so that all I need to worry about starting Jan is producing content and looking for work. But between now and then will be tough.

I still miss my mom.


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