Wisconsin to Recount Votes (and here we go!!!!!)

So here we go: Wisconsin is going to do a statewide recount of votes. This isn’t an audit, the is a manual recount of the votes. In case you’re wondering what has gotten people looking, look into this:

Three Wisconsin precincts revise vote totals after caught padding Donald Trump’s numbers

jill-portraitJill Stein asked for the recount- people have made fun of her but see my post about how Hillary cannot politically go after this but someone else can. Now, the question is if the other states with “strange” abnormalities will be looked at and is there enough time since California is STILL counting votes and the electoral college engages on the 19th of December.

Trump may have won the election, but he did not win the popular vote. Hillary is ahead- by over 2 million and counting votes. Hillary may have learned from the John Kerry fiasco; she would have had a front row seat back then when a similar situation played out. With the rancor people have towards her, its in her best interest to stay quiet. Still, it may be too little too late. Either way the story isn’t quite over yet. If it is found that the Wisconsin vote is wrong and it gets overturned, then you can bet there will be a demand for more recounts.

Conspiracy theorists have talked about Obama declaring martial law… there are 55 more days for that scenario to still happen, conspiracy buffs.

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