Unfuck… fuck.

I’ve been busy organizing and “unfucking” while I am between jobs.  Been blogging- but to a private goals based blog.  No, don’t ask for that, not going to give it to you.

I am on day 59 of a 60 day fitness challenge however.  The hard part of it will start next week so maybe I’ll update you all about that then.

Going to share this photo here as well as that I think it sums me up perfectly. There is a smidgen of that old school sex, you can see a guitar and speaker so love of music, you can see video games, a bunch of Wonder Woman statues, an animal skull, and swords… and if you look, the “strings” of the sword aren’t neat.. which means I must actively use it and know how. And then there is some katakana someone gifted me with. It says Shoshin. Zen word meaning the beginners mind. A always ready to learn attitude. Sprit of truth, honesty and openness. The will to achieve something and readiness to learn.

not obvious

Anyway, just wanted to say hello. I’m also obsessed with this song this morning.  Ignore the stupid video, just enjoy the music and the lyrics.  And if EDM isn’t your thing, whatever.  I’m sure I’ll post some Indie or New Wave or Punk eventually.  One thing you cans definitely say is that I am “diverse”.


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