If you ever wanted to meet Henry Rollins…

I wasn’t going to post this because I wanted to avoid drama but you know what?  Fuck that.  I am so fucking confused. If you always wanted to get an autograph or say hello to THE Henry Rollins of Black Flag, well you can meet up with him at RuPauls Drag Convention….?!?!



2 thoughts on “If you ever wanted to meet Henry Rollins…”

    1. I’m just…speechless on this one. I was commenting to someone that Rollins seems to be doing everything he can do to stay relevant. But some of the stuff I’ve seen has been… questionable.

      But hey, he’s an old man now, I suppose he can do whatever he wants… like sign autographs at a drag queen convention. Didn’t know he carried such a huge following with that demographic…

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